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Parent, Teacher & Caretaker RAPID Skills Training!

RAPID Skills Training (RST) is a trademarked parent/caretaker program based on principles consistent with “Applied Behavior Analysis” (ABA), the “Power of Positive Parenting” and “Parenting the Strong Willed Child“. RST is scientifically designed from proven models of Behavior Skills Training (BST) programs. It is designed to teach your family, teachers and important caretakers the critical interaction skills necessary to preclude difficult moments in life for any learner and their family. RST is built for the entire family, support group or your team of teachers so that your loved one gets least restrictive, evidence based intervention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. RST is individualized, “rapidly” effective and provides a safe “user-friendly” learning environment for caretakers to gain the required skills necessary to confidently provide therapeutic interactions versus confrontational, ineffective or adversarial ones.

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After these critical caretaker skills are learned through RST participation, daily interactions improve greatly and quality of life is dramatically elevated for the entire family. RST is developed from several existing evidence-based training approaches for parents, caretakers and teachers. It focuses on teaching critical interaction skills necessary to create positive daily interactions. RST reduces challenging behavior and fosters better learning by creating teachable moments during daily, naturally occurring activities. Ultimately, RST provides you with much-needed relief. You’ll learn how to prevent difficult to manage behavior, keeping your loved one in a position to learn how to adapt to the world around them and live happily. Based on our professional experience over the last two decades, when RST is interwoven into individualized behavior analysis & therapy services, results are astounding. It’s well know that when the family and natural supports are included in the treatment process, the overall results are just simply much, much better…

What Are RAPID Skills?

  • Rewarding
  • Attending
  • Providing Breaks
  • Ignoring Non-Dangerous Behaviors (i.e., minimizing attention)
  • Direction Giving

RAPID Skills are critical interaction skills that every caretaker must master, initially, with frequent daily practice and coaching from a qualified professional. In order to create meaningful daily interactions, these critical caretaker skills must be learned before advanced behavior analysis programming is implemented by caretakers. When these RAPID skills are mastered and applied daily, learners become more willing to learn, providing them with necessary skills to be successful and have a quality life filled with dignity and respect. Additionally, these critical skills provide caretakers with the basis for providing more advanced ABA programming. Daily interactions with a difficult learner must become consistent to create better cooperative behavior. RST provides the family with evidence-based strategies that are user-friendly, doable, and ultimately effective.

Who Benefits from RAPID Skills?

  • Parents & Grandparents
  • Aunts/Uncles
  • Siblings
  • Caretakers (sitters or day care)
  • Direct Care Professionals (DSPs)
  • Teachers, Principles, Administrators
  • 1:1 Aids in Schools or Communities
  • Family Home Providers (FHPs)
  • 1:1 au Pairs
  • Anyone Responsible for Daily Activities of a Loved One, Student or Program Participant

RST provides caretakers or anyone responsible for the daily activities of a loved one a method for success.

RST lays the foundation for teaching students, loved ones and participants quality life skills needed to live happier and more independent.

Results show that when caretakers become teachers during naturally occurring activities, learners are more successful, happy and the family experiences a better quality of life together making each day more enjoyable and fun!

*This is an evidence-based, behavior skills training for anyone teaching, intervening or caring for loved ones and has absolutely nothing to do with Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) which is scientifically debunked psuedo-science (click anywhere on the word RPM to see more about RPM debunking).

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